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Integrate KOps with any preferred cloud environment while implementing HA principles. Understand KOps concepts that are foundational to DevOps practice. Integrate Ansible with external platforms and leverage other Ansible tools for the organization’s advantage. Understand the components of an ML Pipeline and the tools needed to build one. This course focuses on practical implementation and tooling.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Workflows with Docker Extensions –

4 Ways to Optimize Your Workflows with Docker Extensions.

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Currently Boyd is the Director of Evangelism for StackEngine where he educates and espouses DevOps practices as they relate to Linux containers. Deis is a container-based PaaS that is itself built on containers, so these and other questions about how best to build a container-oriented platform are all issues the team has encountered. Matt will share the experiments, decisions, and ongoing explorations that have led the team to choose technologies like Kubernetes, Ceph, Flannel, and etcd. Containers take this process to a new level with clean isolation and a clear API between infrastructure and application. Nick will explore how to containerize your application with Docker and how that impacts your Continuous Delivery process. Nagios main strengths are that it is open source, relatively robust and reliable, and is highly configurable.

Six reasons why you should sit your OSS PaaS and DevOps course with Firebrand Training

We hoped that this hosted runner would relieve some of our security concerns and the delayed job executions that we were experiencing. Testimonials Take a quickfire look at why developers are choosing Civo Kubernetes. Case studies Find out how our customers are using Civo Kubernetes in the real world.

There are options available on AWS for single tenant access, and different instance types exist, but performance will vary and never be as stable as physical infrastructure. On the one hand, users shouldn’t have to care too much about where work is scheduled – the unit is presented at the service level, and can be accomplished by any of the member nodes. On the other hand, it is important because a sysadmin will want to make sure that not all instances of a service are assigned to the same host.

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Jenkins helps automate a lot of the work of frequent builds, allows you to resolve and detect issues quickly, and also reduce integration costs because serious integration issues become less likely. The ELK stack actually refers to three technologies –Elasticsearch,LogstashandKibana.


Infrastructure as Code means that, rather than manually changing and setting up machines, the machine setup is defined in a Chef recipe. Leveraging Chef allows you to easily recreate your environment in a predictable Docker for DevOps Lessons manner by automating the entire system configuration. Rudder allows users (even non-experts) to define parameters in a single console, and check that IT services are installed, running and in good health.

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