AL LAMAH GOLD AND DIAMONDS was established in 2018 and is headquartered at Gold Souk Deira, Dubai, UAE. We have widespread experience in Gold Manufacturing, Wholesale, Export, Import & Trading of Golds and Diamonds. Our years of experience, tradition and proficiency in bullion trading has earned white classic a distinct and unique name in the trading of gold and silver bars. We trade White Classic Gold & Diamonds with major corporate clients, retailers, international suppliers and manufacturers.

AL LAMAH GOLD AND DIAMONDS has three grades of investor plan namely A, B and C.

Eligibility Criteria of investors would be:

A grade

Investment of INR 25 crores & above

B grade

Investment of INR 10 crores & upto INR 25 crores

C grade

Investment of INR 1 crore & upto INR 10 crores


Investor Benefits

“A”Grade Investors:

  • Eligible for family visa for investors
  • Shareholder for five jewellery shops at India
  • Yearly business dividend also granted.
  • Eligible for gold card (premium card) – which could be used at every Jewel shop in India.
  • Premium card can be given to their friends/relatives for a discount at every purchase.

“B”Grade and “C”Grade Investors:

  • Variance in benefits is applicable
  • The same would be explained at the time of agreement
  • 1.5% monthly return is fixed.

The investing amount would be 50 crores which includes product, branding, stock, advertisements etc for each Jewellery shops and Investors will be shareholders in the jewellery shops located in different cities.